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Manufacturing of Tubes

The various processes involved in the manufacturing of welded tubes are:

1. Slitting:

        Depending on the specification of the product aspired by the customer, mother coil of required grade and thickness is trimmed to a width corresponding to the dimensions of the section required by the customer.

2. Tube Forming and Welding

        Slitted width is given as input to the tube mill where the tube forming,welding and sizing in the desired section and dimension take place.

3. Cold drawing or Sizing

        If the customer tolerances are too close for the internal of external dimensions of the tube, then it is passed through this step.

4. Annealing

        The heat treatment is an optional process depending on customer application of the tube. It is done in order to reduce the internal stresses incurred in the tube during the forming process.

5. Straightening

        The process is done in order to reduce the bend caused due to forming and welding process and it also reduces the minor ovality, if any in the circular tubes and pipes.

6. Pickling

        It is the surface treatment done in order to remove the scale formed due to annealing or grease and oil from the tubes, externally as well as internally.

7. Polishing

            Customer having different application of tube demand for surface finishes like matte or mirror. In this process, a thin layer of material is removed using various media to obtain desired finish.

8. Cutting and End Finish

        Products having requirement in cut lengths undergo this process. They are further end finished or deburred.

9. Marking and Packing

        Marking for traceability is done and packing is done based according to the specification given by the customers.

10. Dispatch

Manufacturing Equipments

Name Quantity
Slitting machine 2 nos.
Tube mills 11 nos.
Straightener 3 nos.
Annealing Furnace 1 no.
Draw Bench 1 no.
Cutting machine 1 LAZER, 2 Auto, 2 Semi Auto, 6 manual
Chamfer / end finish 4 chamfer, 1 4-spindle deburing
Pickling Tanks 3 nos.
Polishing 4 nos.
Hydraulic Presses 3 nos.
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