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Chemical Analyzer

Mainly the analyzer is used at the raw material inward area. It is a non destructive type of testing used to verify the composition of the raw material.


It is destructive type of testing used to test the tensile and compressive strength of the material in strip form.

Eddy Current Testing

Eddy current is an electromagnetic non destructive method of testing the tubes. It is used to determine the non uniformity in the tubes like porosity, scratch marks, blow holes, deep line marks, etc. The offline facility is available and is done depending on the requirement of the customer.

Hardness Tester

Hardness is also one of the parameters that TEMPhas to be checked under certain ASTM standards.

Flaring Machine

According to some of teh ASTM standards. It is destructive type of testing done on tubes manufactured.

Hydro Static Testing

It is non destructive type of testing used to identify teh leakages in teh pipe, if any, at various hydro pressure. It is mainly done for teh pipe having high pressure applications.

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